Red Pillar's consultants are expert political strategists, analysts, and creative and logistical advisers, with a wealth of combined experience in all aspects of campaigning at all levels of government. We can work with your campaign to formulate a solution to any challenge.

President, CEO

Charlie Banks has applied his creative and analytical skills to campaigns from the local level all the way up to presidential. His career background includes social media management, web and graphic design, creative writing, and years of work as an analyst and project director at an internationally reputed polling firm. Charlie will aid your campaign in online communications, virtual campaigning, volunteer organization, message testing and discipline, and will bring your campaign's vision and public image into focus for voters.

Vice President, COO

Jesse Dwyer is a veteran of local, county, and congressional campaigns, and is himself a sitting local mayor. He has honed his marketing and development skills by leading several private-sector companies in their marketing efforts. Jesse is an expert in "retail politicking," especially logistics and timeline management, door-to-door and other get-out-the-vote activities, and planning fundraisers, rallies and other events for maximum impact.

Vice President, CMO

Michael Knowles has aided presidential, congressional, and other candidates with their message and media. Michael parlays his on-air experience in political talk radio and behind-the-scenes work in political audio and video production into an ability to identify and drive a coherent message, tailoring it to fit a candidate's strengths and weaknesses (his work has been noted on CNN, POLITICO, and in the New York Daily News). He specializes in crafting ads for TV/radio and web, creative writing, voter mobilization, and youth outreach.


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